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Surface Heating and Cooling was established in 2010 to provide its customers with some of the best and innovative products in the industry and is the reason that we partnered with Variotherm, an Austrian family owned manufacturer of radiant heating and cooling solutions, since 1979.If you need top-quality products, services, supplies and parts for your residential or commercial radiant heating and cooling project, Surface Heating and Cooling is your one-stop source.

Whether you are simply refurbishing part of your home, remodeling an entire home or building new, it’s helpful to have access to a wide selection of quality efficient radiant heating and cooling systems, together with friendly, experienced guidance when making your product selections. Surface Heating and Cooling offers this and so much more.

We remain mindful of our roots, from a family of heating and plumbing engineers and are excited about helping our customers today, tomorrow and beyond.



Variotherm is an Austrian family-owned company which has been manufacturing and selling economical and environmentally-friendly heating and cooling systems since 1979. We place great emphasis on the use of natural materials during product manufacture.

The Variotherm success story began in the autumn of 1979, in a small business office in the 10th district in Vienna. The aim in founding the company was to make the best possible use of the production patent for their skirting heaters, which at the time was completely new. Low-temperature skirting heating systems, which compared to all other models on the market, guarantee a significant improvement in effectiveness.

Ceiling System (Drywall) Heating and Cooling
Floor System (Screed) Heating and Cooling
Floor System (Drywall) Heating and Cooling
Wall System (Plastered) Heating and Cooling
Wall System (Drywall) Heating and Cooling
Trench Heating

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Variotherm and it's products have been awarded a large variety of certification marks. These certifications give you the certainty of buying high-quality, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient products.